Doughty Danish Siddiqui the Indian Photojournalist killed in Afghanistan


Not the glittering weapon fights the fight, but rather the hero’s heart!


Danish Siddiqui

Among the chaos the world is currently facing due to unknown virus which baffled entire humanity and their narcissist egos, among humans in which nature keeps on reminding us of time in time again, we are just a guest of few days in this world!

We are in an era of greatest dilemma, world and entire humanity must face.

Let’s keep faith and fill positive energy among us and our all-loved ones and hope the world gives us another chance to live and embrace the beauty and constantly reaminding us what a beautiful gift of life we got?

Afghanistan Crisis

Even though our hearts are numb by all the events that are going around us which we never thought would happen!  Due to corona pandemic.

We are yet again need to witness an age-old problem of terrorism and its aftermath, latest being the after American troops retreating after ‘Joe Biden’ become the president of America and seeing entire Afghan people fearing for life being killed mercilessly by Taliban and migrant crisis.

Heart wrenching moments!

America Viewpoint

After witnessing the greatest disaster, often referred to as 9/11, caused due to by Wahhabi Islamist terrorist group Al-Qaeda which became a witness of 2,996 innocents people death.

This event led to America to take Offensive strand and do war, look to eliminate terrorism during the president Bush Administration in 2001.

Current Situation

What it in it for Joe Biden?

Joe Biden who took up 46th and current president of the United States faces a greatest responsibility to give back to the US people who have kept faith in him.

Joe Biden current issues?

Health care for Corona and its aftermath, improve health care, Economic issues due to pandemic, undo lot of programmes which trump took up taking a diplomatic stance, clean energy usage, trade issue on China, making US self-sufficient from China and goods are some of major issues.

Joe Biden Stand

It now or never!

Will this stand and aftermath prove successful need wait and watch!

America as a country even though superpower faces greatest dilemma currently to save and improve people life and economic condition and cannot spread hefty lot taxpayers’ money in Afghanistan war against Terrorisms. It now or never according to him.

Danish Siddiqui ?

Pictures speaks more than words! Great loss to journalism.

Siddiqui was born on 19 May 1983, New Delhi and was an Indian photojournalist works for Reuters, was part of team which won prestigious “Pulitzer Prize for feature photography” in 2018. Siddiqui died on 16 July 2021, brutally murdered by Taliban.

Cause of Death, Siddiqui was covering clashes in the Spin Boldak region along with Afghan National Army team.  Siddiqui was hit around head and died due to gun shots.

Brutally continued as Taliban mutilated his corpse and photos were circulated among public.

It was said in report that Siddiqui along with the commander of the Afghan National Army team. And remainder team lost their life in the incident.

Siddiqui was buried at the graveyard of the Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi on July 18th evening.


Siddiqui famous works also include Delhi riots and covering pandemic in India which went viral.


The Press Club of India (PCI) and The Working News Cameraman’s Association held a candlelight meeting on the lawn of PCI Saturday evening, in Siddiqui’s memory.

Various candlelight meeting and vigil were held around Jamia Millia Islamia, Kolkata, Mumbai Press Club.

Who’s Fault?

Journalists form important pillar in society and must be protected in order to smooth functioning of the democracy and gems like Siddiqui must have been protected.

Whether it was Afghan government fault failed to protect journalist or Taliban violence let it be any reason, all we can do now is to pray for may his soul rest in peace. And pay tribute to his bravery and will be inspiration for upcoming younger journalists to come.

Mera Bharat Mahan!   We Indians may be happy on moon for an Olympics gold Tokyo. Lets take a minute to remember Siddiqui and pay tribute to his bravery.

May his soul rest in peace.

India land which produces such heroes. Proudly remember and tell proud to be an Indian. 

“Bharat mata ki jai”

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