How India will be Impacted after the Taliban comes into power in Afghanistan?


Taliban has captured key offices in Kabul also including the office of president. Hundreds of people gathered at the Kabul airport to flee from the country. Several commercial flights call off due to the crowd at the airport. What’s the current situation going to impact India diplomatically as well as financially.

India has a significant contribution to Afghanistan in terms of community projects. Including the development of power infrastructure, healthcare, power, telecom, and transportation. Once the Taliban forms the government in Afghanistan, India will be highly impacted, compared to any other country. And it is going to be the beginning of a Dark Era for Afghanistan.

Let’s see the current situation that is not going in favor of India.

Who is Abdul Ghani Baradar?

Abdul Ghani Baradar is an Afghan militant also known by the nickname Mullah Baradar is one of the founders of the Taliban in Afghanistan. In February 2010, ISI picked up a man from a madrassa in Pakistan with the help of the CIA. ISI caught Mullah Baradar when he was holding an important position as a Operational commander in the Taliban.

In 2001, Pakistan helped him to hide in their country when the US attacked Afghanistan. Pakistan arrested him and kept him safe. At the same time, there was secret negotiation going between the Taliban and India with the help of the Afghanistan government. Pakistan did not want the Taliban to do any work without their permission. Pakistan followed them to show the ISI power and arrested him till October 2018. In October 2018, when Americans started to talk with the Taliban that time Pakistan released Mullah Baradar. Mullah Baradar was hiding in Pakistan for 18 years, now he has enough chances of becoming the next president of Afghanistan. A deep concern for India now once the Taliban succeed in the formation of the Taliban government. Pakistan will be able to build relations with Afghanistan. What will happen over India’s investment in Afghanistan?


Due to tilt towards America, India is not getting the same support from Russia as earlier. Now the concern is how India will start to talk with the Taliban?

At a Glance India’s investment in Afghanistan

Taliban will take over most of the assets made by India. For India, however, the possibility of losing a key strategic ally in South Asia may surpass the concerns related to its $3 billion investment in Afghanistan.  

• India has played an active role in the nation’s rebuilding process over the last two decades.

• India has invested heavily in Afghanistan due to its importance for defense strategy in South Asia.

• The government has invested more than $3 billion in Afghanistan, including the investments of over 400 infrastructure projects

• In 2011, the two nations signed an agreement that helped enhance trade and bilateral ties further.

• As of 2019-20, bilateral trade between India and Afghanistan which was estimated to be over $1 billion

• One of the key funded projects of India in Afghanistan is the Salma Dam or the Afghan-India Friendship Dam project

• Opening of the Afghan Parliament in 2015

Terror Camp

Since Afghanistan shares a border with Pakistan, there are high chances of restarting terror camps against India.