India-China border: People ruining Gartang street, names scratched on railing ☹


Some people are discoloring the open Gartang street after 59 years. These people have engraved their names on wooden railings. A video of this is becoming increasingly viral on social media. On August 18, Gartang street, which witnessed trade relations between India and Tibet, was opened for tourists.

Many of locals and tourists from other states are reaching here. Meanwhile, a video has surfaced on Tuesday, in which anti-social elements have carved their names with a sharp object on the railing of a street prepared at a cost of lakhs of rupees.

This street was closed due to security reasons after the Indo-China war of 1962. Recently, the PWD has renovated this street at a cost of about 65 lakhs, in which the terraced path has been prepared again with pine wood.

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