IPL full Schedule & Fixtures 2021: Match Time Table, Squad,


IPL Schedule 2021

As you guys know IPL was postponed in between due to COVID pandemic. Here we are updating the latest update about IPL schedule.

Schedule 2021 IPL

Chennai Super Kings       VS  Mumbai Indians19th September 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0030Dubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiSunday
Kolkata Knight Rider         VS Royal Challengers Bangalore20th September 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0031Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, Abu DhabiMonday
Kings Punjab            VS Rajasthan Royals21st September 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0032Dubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiTuesday
Delhi Capitals            VS Sunrisers Hyderabad22nd September 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0033Dubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiWednesday
Mumbai Indians        VS Kolkata Knight Riders23rd September 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0034Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, Abu DhabiThursday
Royal Challengers Bangalore                          VS Chennai Super Kings24th September 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0035Sharjah Cricket Stadium, SharjahFriday
Delhi Capitals             VS Rajasthan Royals

25th September 2021
India time-15:30Dubai Time-14:0036Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, Abu DhabiSaturday

Sunrisers Hyderabad  VS  Punjab Kings25th September 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0037Sharjah Cricket Stadium, SharjahSaturday
Chennai Super Kings    VS Kolkata Knight Riders26th September 2021

India time-15:30Dubai Time-14:0038Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, Abu DhabiSunday

Royal Challengers Bangalore                  VS Mumbai Indians
26th September 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0039Dubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiSunday
Sunrisers Hyderabad              VS Rajasthan Royals27th September 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0040Dubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiMonday
Kolkata Knight Riders           VS Delhi Capitals 28th September 2021

India time-15:30Dubai Time-14:0041Sharjah Cricket Stadium, SharjahTuesday

Mumbai Indians          VS Punjab Kings28th September 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0042Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, Abu DhabiTuesday
Rajasthan Royals         VS   Royal Challengers Bangalore29th September 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0043Dubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiWednesday 
Sunrisers Hyderabad           VS Chennai Super Kings30th September 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0044Sharjah Cricket Stadium, SharjahThursday
Kolkata Knight Riders           VS Punjab Kings1st October 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0045Dubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiFriday
Mumbai Indians          VS Delhi Capitals2nd October 2021India time-15:30Dubai Time-14:0046Sharjah Cricket Stadium, SharjahSaturday
Rajasthan Royals VS Chennai Super Kings2nd October 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0047Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, Abu DhabiSaturday
Royal Challengers Bangalore VS Punjab Kings3rd October 2021

India time-15:30Dubai Time-14:0048Sharjah Cricket Stadium, SharjahSunday

Kolkata Knight Riders VS Sunrisers Hyderabad3rd October 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0049Dubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiSunday
Delhi Capitals VS Chennai Super Kings
4th October 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0050Dubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiMonday
Rajasthan Royals VS Mumbai Indians5th October 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0051Sharjah Cricket Stadium, SharjahTuesday
Royal Challengers Bangalore VS Sunrisers Hyderabad 
6th October 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0052Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, Abu DhabiWednesday
Chennai Super Kings VS Punjab Kings7th October 2021

India time-15:30Dubai Time-14:0053Dubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiThursday

Kolkata Knight Riders VS Rajasthan Royals7th October 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0054Sharjah Cricket Stadium, SharjahThursday
Sunrisers Hyderabad VS Mumbai Indians8th October 2021India time-15:30Dubai Time-14:0055Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium, Abu DhabiFriday

Royal Challengers Bangalore VS Delhi Capitals8th October 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:0056Dubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiFriday
TBC10th October 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:00Qualifier 1 RoundDubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiSunday
TBC11th October 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:00Eliminator RoundSharjah Cricket Stadium, SharjahMonday
TBC13th October 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:00Qualifier 2 RoundSharjah Cricket Stadium, SharjahWednesday
TBC15th October 2021India time-19:30Dubai Time-18:00FinalDubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiFriday

IPL 2021 Point Table

IPL Point Table

Ipl 2021:For more update stay tuned with us.

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