Keeping Up with the Joneses …!!


The comic was created by “Arthur Ragland Mohmand” who was born in San Diego, California. It means greed, envy which is the human emotion that makes havoc in their life and is related to them caused due to comparison.

Have you ever felt bad, feeling like I am unlucky, having a useful feeling of being discarded and rejected from life when you see people around you, buying new houses, cars, phones, etc? Have you been a victim of these dreadful emotions?

Concerning the emotion in the novel “Keeping Up with the Joneses ” let’s look at our life with a little more freedom to check if we are free from this disease.

Money’s Effect on Life 

  • Money, attitude, and learning play an important role in a person’s life and a power to generate emotions that may be good/bad.

Let’s go through the background of what money is and what it is making us?

Money Education:

  • As children, we are taught and always associate everything with money, as we are taught from a young age, if you have money everything is possible and every relation except mother can be bought.
  • The person with money is the King, he automatically gets qualifications for all good things hike cars, home, beautiful girl/handsome guy, etc.
  • Social Validation: all your relatives, friends, and everybody starts recognizing you and providing status, and treating you well.
  • Your Opinions and decisions are taken seriously in your circle.
  • Social Media validation is the icing on the cake, where you can post wearing the costliest dress in unbelievable places.
  • We crave satisfaction and happiness when we get far ahead of relatives and neighbors in possessions like home, car, phones, etc. that comes with money.


  • You Put of Life… means you keep and grow the mentality, that I can be only happy when I earn “X ” amount or I have “X” amount in my bank account and failed to see the things which happen now. Like, let’s say when you were young studying having little as Rs 10/- or any small amount as pocket money which you carefully collected from every Rs 1/- gave more pleasure than now with handsome salaries cannot bring.  
  • Money becomes the primary and ultimate motivation for your Life. As a result, we see the entire world through money eyes and fail to look after their relations in lifelike parents and other people in need. People Who spent their precious time and care and blood and sweat on us. As you can see, almost 80 % of the crime stems from people fighting with their parents, siblings, and friends for money, land, or gold.
  • “Give and Take Policy” yep life becomes a business for you as you always expect a monetary value of every action to take. This severely damages your relationships with people.

The grass is always greener on Other Side Attitude 

We Always have an urge within ourselves to be above others like relatives, peers in society, always in a fight in our minds like the synonym “Keeping up with the joneses”. 

Effects of this syndrome are, always compare your finances, relations, and other things with others through different social media and other ways.

Causes of this Syndrome.

  • The weak Value system and purpose for life.
  • Less emotional intelligence and become puppets of emotions like greed, envy, anger, sadness.
  • Wrong Money education received.
  • Always searching for shortcuts to becoming Rich.
  • Having an intention that the world owes you wealth and riches.
  • Having the perception that material things bring happiness.
  • Searching in the wrong place for right things like searching humanity from terrorists.
  • Being with people with the wrong mindset like people who are negative in all things.


  • Try unlearning habits which are wrong you subconsciously learned from childhood and try to learn and implement good habits.
  • Have a higher purpose/goal in Life which is above you, like making people who would depend on you happy and help the community to better change.
  • Build a proper value system that is internal and external like your sense of right and wrong. Like right and wrong should get influenced based on money or any other things.
  • “Become the first class you not a counterfeited other” You are born in a world no other person is like you in this world never happen so make your way.
  • Delayed Gratification always knows that “Life is a marathon, not a sprint” never allows emotions to control your decision and actions.
  • Know the proper value of money and have proper boundaries to it. Like Money is needed for life and loved ones but Money cannot motivate you to kill another or similar bad things to others around you.


Happiness…!!! The happiness is an emotion, which is not readymade or cannot be bought. Happiness is a state of mind when your purpose of Life and passions and your entire actions and relations align to give a sense of satisfaction to you.

  • The happiness is different to people depending on their mind and thinking like Music is happiness for singers and musicians and others respectively. So always do things you love and never pull off life due to others. 
  • Life is a beautiful gift which you have got from God, no other animals have intelligence like us better put it to good use.
  • Do your bit for the world, for the environment, and for people in need. Life is short. We have very little time to give back to life rather than asking for life.
  • Build Gratitude and be thankful for the part this life offers you. Gratitude brings happiness that cannot be explained. History is filled with people who donate to the needy and being part of happiness. 
  • You have got one life, do good and help others who are needy as the great saying says.

“I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.

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