Recycling Scrap Vehicles: The Complete Process


Since the government of India is initiating the Vehicle scrapping policy, lets understand how a vehicle is scrapped.

Most of the vehicle are forgotten when they completed their journey, and it goes into the trash. Here, are some environment friendly solutions to dispose the vehicle one of them is recycling.

Step 1🡪Removing Engine Fluids

When a scraped vehicle comes for recycling there are some hazardous parts or fluids which must be removed carefully.

These parts and fluids are collected by using some processes like electrolysis, and crystallization.

How it helps?

Removing these fluids can reduce the chance of fire developing in the salvage lot and protect customers from inhaling noxious fumes.

Step 2🡪Remove Usable Parts

In this step parts of the vehicle are collected and segregated as the reusable and no reusable part.

  1. Tyres: It can be reused as per the requirement and also it has to be handled carefully since it is harmful for environment.
  2. Glass: Glass can be reused by melting them
  3. Plastic: It can be recycled and to be handled carefully.

Also, in this step part like batteries, seat-covers, synthetic fabric are separated since they cannot be reused.

How it helps?

This process helps in collecting the reusable part

Step 3🡪 Destruction of the Vehicle Frame

In this step remaining scrap metal will be put into vehicle shredder that magnetically separates metal fragments into ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Step 4🡪Metal Processing

In this step all the collected metal is processed to prepare it for reuse

Step 5🡪Manufacturing Start

Now it comes to the cycle of manufacturing a vehicle by using recycled parts

  • With the help of metal, the generate the frame for the vehicle
  • Use glass
  • Use Tyre
  • Seats and Fabrics
  • Use of engine oil Yes it looks very strange but, if right process is followed even the engine oil can be reused.

That’s it guys, isn’t it an interesting process to reusing the waste and safe the environment?

So next time when you sell your old vehicle to trash think twice your decision can save the environment.

“Tomorrow is from us and to save the future, we have to take right decision”