State Youth Congress wing Celebrated 17th September as National Unemployment Day, burned degree!


On the occasion of ‘National Unemployment Day,’ the Indian Youth Congress has organised a number of events around the country. According to the youth wing, the country’s jobless rate has risen from 2.4 percent to 10.3 percent in only one year.

While the state spokesman for the youth wing of Uttarakhand also arranged an event in Almora where several degree holders burnt their degrees, claiming that they were useless because unemployment has been rising at an exponential pace under Shri Narendra Modi ji’s leadership.

States spokesperson Gaurav Jaswal Bajela stated that unemployment is on the rise and is disproportionately affecting our young and small businesses. He also stated that where are the pledges for 2 crore jobs per year when they are taking on 2 crore jobs per year?