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As the name and image can only grab eyeballs, newly introduced Vistadome Coaches surely a treat to watch it is refreshing change introduced in Indian railway. 

Let me narrate my experience with it and what are pros and cons according to my perspective. 


As we entered the station, we could locate our train and coaches were easily recognisable as they were the last 2 coaches and name Vistadome was clearly written. People already started coming, few were busy taking photos beside it. 

As the passengers started fill in a strange confusion was there among all that which out two coaches do, they belong.  Usually there are two coaches which is namely EV1, EV2 respectively, But the naming was not clearly visible, and people kept shifting from one to another in search of their seat finally, it started to settle in, as some gave the right information and we started to settle in our respective seats waiting for the train journey to start.


As I can see people usually coming in groups excited as group of parents, children started to roam around the coaches. 

People were more excited about the coaches’ experience than their destination as the train started people started to settle in. 

First Impression 

Its surely is refreshing change, the big windows and lighting and proper cleanly maintained coaches were very good and treat of the experience.

Once the train started moving you will be amazed by the amount of light enters the coach, surely very nice feeling, and for your good luck if the weather is good outside the windows offer good scenic views.


Journey was comfortable, enjoyable, surely an experience if you are coming with friends and family, it will not disappoint.

As I saw most of teenagers and groups were busy clicking pictures and having snacks in the pantry and snacks provided by the train stuff. 

  • 180-degree rotation of chair which is one of the new features of the Vistadome seats, it is good, and it lets you experience the view much better, no fight for the window seat. 
  • But one problem people faced with distance between seats are less in order accommodate more seats due to which 2 seats cannot do the 180 degrees rotate at once as there was space constraint as the seats were hitting the legs was quite irritable

“Keep those Cameras Ready” …  Beauty of Western Ghats!!! 

One of the main selling points of this journey is the spectacular view of the fog filled mountains of the western ghats. 

 Beauty and feeling cannot be expressed, but one to experience, especially with the rain a deadly combo for sure.

You will be greeted to a new view of these ghats as the train travels which will mesmerize you and astonished by the beauty the nature beholds within herself. 

Is the experience worth the cost?

Now the fun begins!! As the initial bubble of excitement shades away, you begin analysing is it worth the cost ? 

After Initial few hours, I heard people telling, it is not worth the cost, you are paying double the price of AC coach for these coaches and even though the food is not included. 

Most people were enjoying that was one good thing as they already knew it is experience, they were seeking more. 

My verdict in the current situation “One Time Only” it is bit costly and comparing the facilities provided, it’s an experience you want to check off then it is worth taking. If you compare the with money and facility you will surely feel costly.

Tips:  As it is the initial trial the IRCTC is running the price may go down in future, as more of these coaches will be installed in more trains and curiosity surrounding it may come down. 

So, “my friend surely try it”. If you are going in the monsoon season, you are treated   with breath taking views of Western ghats.

How many vista dome coaches are there in India?

Out of 41 vista dome coaches currently available across the country, 15 narrow-gauge coaches were given to the Kalka Shimla Railway and five narrow-gauge coaches to the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Four broad-gauge coaches were given to the Southwestern Railway

How To Book Vistadome Tickets?

Only select trains runs with the Vistadome coaches,


  • The Yesvantpur-Mangaluru Jn-Yesvantpur Express Special (06575/06576).
  • The Mangaluru Junction (Jn)- Yesvantpur Express Train (06540/06539).
  • The Yesvantpur-Karwar tri-weekly special (06211/06212).

On these select trains book only AC chair car or Executive chair car tickets. Please take care of the train number before booking, while booking vista dome will not be written anywhere on the website, only way to identify is through the train number.

Happy Journey ……………😊😊😊

Written By- Nitesh Kumar Blogging Enthusiast

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