Worrying about paperwork for vehicles due to frequent transfer and relocation’s?


If you relocate from one state to another frequently then every time you must do a lot of paperwork like No objection certificate (NoC), new registration, road tax etc. This will be a cumbersome and time taking process.

The Govt of India has come up with a new number series called BHARAT Series (BH Series) for those who frequently moved out from one state to another state. Once the user gets the vehicle registered with the BH series mark they will not have to re-register their car or bike when they move to a new state. Earlier it was mandatory to change the vehicle registration number within 12 months after coming to the BHARAT series, it will be hassle free to move out of other states with an owner vehicle.

Eligibility to apply the BH Series number

  • This vehicle registration facility under “Bharat series (BH-series)” will be available on a voluntary basis to Defense personnel.
  • Employees of Central Government/ State Government.
  • Employees of Public Sector Undertakings.
  • Employees of private sector companies/organizations, which have their offices in four or more States Union territories.
  • New BH Series number format

Format: YY BH #### XX YY

YY– Year of First Registration

BH– Code for Bharat Series

####– 0000 to 9999 (Random Number)

XX – Alphabets (AA to ZZ)


  • Free movement of personal vehicle across the country
  • Extra burden for paperwork will be reduce
  • Saves money and time
  • Motor Vehicle Tax will be levied annually after the fourteenth year which will be half of the amount previously collected for that vehicle.